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Fluttering Heart Diamond Collection

The Fluttering Heart Diamond Collection
“It flutters like Your Heart did the moment you two first met”

The diamond is suspended in constant mesmerizing hypnotic motion. The original patented design collection is a Krieger exclusive and we were the first store in the country to have it and we are the only store in the state of Wisconsin that currently has it. The special value is only $199 and there are many styles and sizes on up to $3,500. "For generations we have always prided ourselves on having the best and most current products with an emphasis on real quality and value, this is the hottest product we have ever carried and that says a lot" said J. Krieger." The chain stores are quickly knocking this design off and they are missing the mark with clunky cluster designs, the beauty of this collection is in the simplicity, in this case, less is truly more"

Jewelers interested in wholesale purchases of the Fluttering Heart Diamond Collection contact Promotional Brokerage Partners, a division of HeartSake, LLC email: mayafirst@icloud.com or Phone: 920-202-6264

Ancient Roman Glass

These glass fragments originate from parts of ancient blown glass vessels of the Roman Byzantine Empire between 1st-6th centuries A.D. - shortly after glass was invented.

These glittering glass fragments were picked up on the ancient sites on the Holy Land. Some fragments are transparent while other are colored.

The spectrum of colors which appear on the glass were formed over hundreds of years. The beautiful colors are the result of the combined effects of climatic conditions and the surrounding earth in which the glass was embedded.

Over the generations, layer upon layer of earth covered the glass, giving the unique color of "Patina". Although these glass fragments are solid and do not break easily, it is advised to handle them with care.

An original design is created for every piece of glass and no glass color repeats itself, so that each piece of jewelry is unique.

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